iPad Repair: 5 Common Reasons for Broken iPads, and Why They Don’t Spell Disaster for Your Device

More and more people are coming to us for iPad repair services in California. Why is this?

It’s not because people are getting clumsier, or the technology is getting more fragile. No, it is because tablet customers now understand that all is not lost, and that a little bit of damage does not spell disaster.

Take a look at five of the most common reasons people come to us for a tablet device repair, and learn about how we can be of assistance.

Dropped iPad

Probably the most common cause of damage for an iPad begins with a simple mistake. We get so used to carrying our devices around that we get complacent. We loosen our grip, the device falls, there is a split second of horror, then a sickening crunch.

Don’t despair. Most of the time, a dropped iPad only results in a cracked screen. The touchscreen is an integral part of your iPad’s function and look, but it can still be easily replaced. If the impact is heavy enough, there may be some minor internal damage, which can also be fixed.

iPad is Stepped On

The latest generation of iPads are expensive pieces of kit, but they are designed to be convenient. Unfortunately, this means they tend to get left lying around the house or in other areas of use. Because of this, one of the most common reasons for damage and repair for iPad Mini 4 or iPad Pro models is being stepped on.

Depending on the circumstance, stepping on an iPad can cause more damage than if the device is dropped, simply because the force tends to be far greater. Crushing of the screen and of internal components can be a major problem, but usually, a straightforward repair job can put this right.

Water Damaged iPad

This is the happening that every iPad owner dreads; water damage. Dropping your iPad Pro, iPad Mini 4 or other Apple tablet device into water causes severe damage to the internal electronics, and so you must take quick action if you are to save your tablet.

The old remedy of placing the device in a rice container overnight does help to dry out the damaged equipment, but it will not bring it back to life. As soon as you can, bring the iPad in for a repair. You might be surprised by the results we can achieve.

Frozen iPad Screen

A frozen screen on your iPad can have many causes. One of the most frequent is when the user downloads and runs two conflicting apps, or if they install a nasty piece of fraudulent software which affects the operation of the system. If this happens to you, it is important to remember this; it probably looks a lot worse than it is.

A frozen screen could be a sign of a more severe problem, or it could be relatively minor. Bring your iPad Pro, Mini 4 or other tablet to us at AM Cell Phone Repair and get it checked out.

Jammed iPad Socket

Aesthetically, the iPad is a basic device, with just a large flat screen and a narrow body. However, it does have functional parts on the outside, including sockets and ports, which can get jammed with fluff, dust and other substances. If these substances work too far into the device, the damage can be serious.

We can help you to get your iPad working again, avoiding the annoying cost and hassle of having to purchase a new device. Get in touch with the team at your local AM Cell Phone Repair branch, in Thousand Oaks, Burbank, Simi Valley or Granada Hills.

We will even give you our Best Price Guarantee, which is our promise to give you the best price on your iPad repair in any of our four Californian locations. Don’t delay; we are ready to give your device the emergency care it deserves.