Common MacBook Problems, and How a Simple Service Can Fix Them

If you are a MacBook owner, it is likely that you planted your flag squarely in the Apple camp during the Apple v Windows laptop wars of recent years. Intuitive OS design, user-friendly controls, and supreme compatibility with other Apple products gave the MacBook an advantage over their Microsoft-running competitors. But what happens when these smooth-operating pieces of kit get damaged?

If this happens to your MacBook, don’t despair. Read on for some of the most common MacBook problems, and how a simple repair service can save the day.

Cracked Screen

It’s difficult to hide from a cracked MacBook screen. Every time you open your device to do some work, check an email, or watch a movie, it’s there; glaring at you. To say that your enjoyment of your MacBook is ruined by a crack in the screen is an understatement, but it need not be such a disaster.

We can take care of the damage for you, providing a swift and effective repair or replacement job on your MacBook screen. With a shiny new display, the device will be as good as new.

Damaged Lid or Housing

MacBook’s are durable and robust up to a point, but they are not designed to stand up to rough treatment. This is particularly true in the long term; the device might withstand being dropped once or twice, but if this happens repeatedly, a damaged lid or screen housing might be the result.

If the MacBook screen remains undamaged, it can be tempting to persevere with the cracked casement. However, this can cause the damage to worsen as time goes on, and is simply not worth it. Bring your MacBook in for a repair sooner rather than later.

Charging or Battery Issues

One of the most common problems with a MacBook is not caused by impact or trauma, but by repeated and regular usage over a longer period of time. The fact is, constant use places a lot of strain on the battery of your Mac, which can cause a variety of issues. Slow charging or poor charge retention are among the most frequently reported.

This is often taken as a sign that your MacBook is over the hill and it is time for an upgrade. However, this might not necessarily be the case, and it would be a shame to trade in an otherwise healthy MacBook simply because of a problem with its battery. Make sure you bring it in and get it checked before making any big decisions.

Jammed SuperDrive

On any piece of sophisticated technology, the CD/DVD drive represents a weak point. The MacBook is no exception to this rule, and the inbuilt SuperDrive will often get left open, knocked, jammed or otherwise damaged.

This can lead to the drive arm becoming stuck in the MacBook, becoming twisted or bent, or even being broken off altogether. Continuing to use a damaged SuperDrive can take its toll on the inner mechanisms of your MacBook, so let us take a look at it without delay.

Damaged Hard Drive

The MacBook’s hard drive is your device’s memory bank, retaining all the data, documents, files and information which you save and access. Needless to say, without this vital piece of the MacBook’s internal engineering, your device is simply not going to function. Therefore, if it gets damaged – whether through wear and tear or after the MacBook has been dropped or stepped on – the forecast doesn’t look good for the device.

The team here at AM Cellphone Repair can be of assistance. We handle repairs of damaged MacBook hard drives at various locations across California, ensuring a high-quality service, great customer care, and giving you the best chance of getting your MacBook back to working order.

We will also give you our Best Price Guarantee; that’s our promise to not be beaten on price by MacBook repair shops across any of our four Californian locations – Thousand Oaks, Simi Valley, Granada Hills and Burbank.

Don’t hesitate, get in touch today and get the best repair work for your MacBook.