Need a Loaner Phone?

If your phone is damaged and needs repairs, you probably already know how difficult things can be without a phone. Busy work, school, and life schedule? We have a solution for people with a busy schedule like you. AM Cell Phone Repairs always strives for fast turn-around times on repairs. Let’s cut to the chase. While most repairs can be done while you wait, we will loan you a phone with our loaner phone program in the meantime if waiting is just not an option. We strive for same day service, and quick turn around time with a team of professional repair techs always available during store hours.


What Type of Loaner Phones do You Offer?

We will do our best to offer you a loaner that is comparable to the device is in repair. For instance, if you bring in your iPhone for a repair we will give you a loaner phone that is also an iPhone. Although we do not keep every phone manufactured for loaners, you will be able to perform similar functions like calls, text, internet, etc. as your other phone while you wait.


How Do I Get a Loaner Phone If I Need It?

Getting a Phone Loaner at AM Cell Phone Repairs is easy! Simply Contact us to get the process started. An AM CPR Representative will assist you in getting a loaner phone if needed. However most of our customers enjoy being able to have their phone fixed with a short wait in our comfortable space with couches, reading material, music and complementary waters. Customer Satisfaction is our top priority at AM CPR.


We will give you a loaner phone to use while we repair yours!